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We have provided this tool in hopes to make your voting experience easier, and safer than simply punching your private key into an online website.

Items Required

  1. A computer with internet access
    Used to get current EOS Chain information, and post the offline signed transaction.
  2. A brand new computer that has never been connected to the internet
    This is where you will enter your private key, and that will never leave this offline computer
  3. A brand new external hard drive or USB Flash Drive.
    Used to trasfer the signed transaction from the offline computer, to the online computer

Get Network Information - Online

  1. On your computer using an internet connection, get the current EOS chain information here.
  2. You will see chain_id, block_num and ref_block_prefix on the page.
  3. Copy or write down chain_id, block_num and ref_block_prefix to a text file.
  4. Download our toolkit to the online computer.
  5. Plug in your brand new USB flash drive or external hard drive and copy the toolkit, along with the text file containing the chain_id, block_num and ref_block_prefix to the flash drive.

Generate Voting Transaction - Offline

This step is offline.

Note: when booting up the offline computer, make sure it can not connect to the internet. Disconnect any Ethernet cable from your computer and disable wifi connection.

To be extra safe, this computer should have never been online before incase a keylogger, or other malware was installed. If logging software has been enabled, when the computer reconnets to the internet, it could send your private key somewhere.

If this will be your primary voting device. Do not connect this computer to the internet again ever.

  1. Transfer the toolkit files to the brand new computer through a brand new USB flash drive or external hard drive.
  2. Make sure your brand new computer has no internet connection. Disconnect any Ethernet cable from your computer and disable wifi connection.
  3. Unzip the toolkit on your offline computer and go to the “generate_transaction” folder.
  4. Open generate_transaction.html file with any browser.
  5. On the web page, fill in all information.
    1. Account Name: if you do not know your account name, please go to eos authority and type in your EOS public key to find your account name.
    2. Private Key: Your private key is at no point exposed to on-line connections, which greatly reduces the risk of getting hacked.
    3. ChainId, block_num, ref_block_prefix: Fill in chain_id, block_num and ref_block_prefix with the information that you got from the online computer.
    4. Block Producers: You will see eosholdings1 already pre-filled. Enter comma separated list of block producer account names if you want to vote for multiple block producers (no more than 30). Example: eosholdings1,eosdanhuausa

    Note: Once you have voted, you have 24 hours to change. After that, your vote will be locked for 3 days.

  6. Click the “Generate Transaction” button.
  7. You will see your generated voting transaction:
  8. Copy the transaction text to a text file.
  9. Transfer the text file to the online computer with a pen drive/external hard drive.

Your private key is used to build the signature. It is built in a way that no-one can get your private key from this signature. This is the basis of all transactions on many blockchains, money transfers or voting.

Send the Generated Transaction - Online

  1. We will push the transaction to the network for you.
  2. Copy the transaction text from your pen drive to the “Raw transaction” text area on the web page.

  1. Click on “Send transaction to the network” button.
  2. You will see the following message appeared on the website.

Legal Disclaimer

EOS Holdings takes no responsibility for the execution and the results of the execution of our offline voting tool. Use this tool at your own risk.

We hope this tool will provide a more convienient & secure way of voting offline. In the end, only you are responsible for your tokens.