eos.holdings is based in Canada, a stable jurisdiction with strong privacy protections


Our team is packed with world-renowned academics and brilliant software engineers


We built and operated the EOS community public test network EOS New-World-Testnet

About us

We are experts in blockchain, research, digital infrastructure, cryptocurrency, and finance with a deep connection to the EOS community. We want to define a new generation of blockchain innovation and transparency and are committed to following the core tenets of the EOS constitution, to enhance education, community, and technology.

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EOS Block Producer

Blockchain Innovation

Network Security

What else are we doing?


The eos.holdings infrastructure is based on our proven track record of implementing systems for some of the world's largest critical infrastructure, telecommunications, and financial services companies.

Community Initiatives

Upon launch, eos.holdings will invest in promising DApps to give something back to the EOS community and create a bug bounty program to identify vulnerabilities in the EOS ecosystem for block producers and DApp development.

Meet The Team

The eos.holdings team are experts in blockchain, research, digital infrastructure, cryptocurrency, and finance, and have a deep connection to the EOS community. Together, we strive to be the most credible, transparent Block Producer for the EOS network.


Get to know the expert advisors backing eos.holdings

Jeremy Gardner


Legendary blockchain pioneer and co-founder of Ausum Ventures.

Dr. Victor Leung

Details at UBC

Distinguished professor of electrical and computer engineering.

Jiangchuan Liu

Details at SFU

Award-winning professor of computing science and IEEE fellow.

Steven Shi


Performance engineer building critical infrastructure for global networks.

Our Team

Get to know our team and people behind the product

Yan Zhang


Entrepreneur and investor in DApp development and applications.

Edward Liu

Team Leader

Long-time blockchain evangelist and dedicated social entrepreneur.

Dr. Wei Cai

Head of Research

Details at UBC

Award-winning postdoctoral research fellow focused on blockchain.